Why Choose Great Plains Television Network?

We provide frequency, value and results.


KGPT 26 and KSMI 30 provide more entertainment than any other TV station or group in south-central Kansas. We offer 18 channels with news, music, movies, cooking, sitcoms, and reality TV – there’s something for everyone, from millennials to baby boomers.


Because we offer 18 channels, we have the largest inventory of available ad space in the market. This means when it comes to frequency we not only give you a better deal than the other broadcast stations, we outperform cable and satellite hands down.


Our frequency and value give us the ability to create campaigns that will drive new customers through your door, or make sure your name is at the top of their mind when the need arises.

Who is watching?

With 18 channels, pretty much everyone. Great Plains Television offers everything—classic and retro TV, reality shows, Westerns, action movies, college sports, professional boxing, sitcoms, racing, cooking and lifestyle programs, business news, political commentary, and everything in between.

We are one of the few broadcasters with two channels on AT&T U-Verse Cable. KGPT 26.1, Cozi TV, is carried on U-Verse Cable 49, and KSMI 30.1, Retro TV, is carried on U-Verse Cable 51. Our signal covers the entirety of South-Central Kansas including Hutchinson, a massive swath of prairie with over 660,000 available viewers.

With Great Plains Television’s viewership combined with our available inventory, we offer the frequency and value necessary to get the results you need.

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