How to make sure you’re getting the best, free signal from Great Plains TV

How do I get free TV?

Step 1: Use the digital tuner. You already have a digital tuner in your TV set if it was manufactured:

  • After July 2005 and the screen is 36″ or larger
  • After March 2006 and the screen is 25″ or larger
  • After March 2007

If your TV set does not fit those criteria, you need one of the following:

  • Digital converter box
  • VCR with digital tuner
  • DVD recorder with digital tuner
  • DVR with digital tuner

Step 2: Plug your indoor or outdoor antenna into your TV set or digital tuner device. (For more information about what type of antenna you may need, go to The coaxial cable can be plugged directly into your TV’s input jack, if it has a built-in digital tuner.Follow these instructions to connect your antenna to a digital converter box or a VCR, DVD recorder, or DVR with a digital tuner:

  • Connect your antenna coaxial cable to the “Antenna In” jack on the back of your digital tuner box.
  • Use a second coaxial cable to connect the “Out to TV” on the digital tuner box to the “Antenna In” on the back of the TV.
  • Set the TV to Channel 3 or 4 as indicated on the back of your digital tuning device.

Step 3: Scan for channels.

All digital converter boxes and digital TVs are different in terms of scanning procedures. The following is a general guide, but the steps or the terminology may be different for your device:

  • Press the “Menu” button on your converter box, converter box remote, TV, or TV remote
  • Go to “Setup” or “Settings”
  • Go to “Installation” or “System” or “Channels”
  • Go to “Scan channels”, “Program channels”, “Autoscan”, “Autoprogram”, or “Autotuning”
  • Press “Select” or “Enter” or “OK” to start the scan
  • When the device says scanning is complete accept the channels found and close the menus
  • Some devices may need to be re-scanned from time to time, when they lose a broadcast signal
How do I rescan?
  1. Press the MENU button on your converter box, digital TV, or remote.
  2. Go to SETUP or SETTINGS.
  5. Press SELECT, ENTER, or OK to scan.
Double Rescan

Sometimes a Double Rescan is needed to clear the memory of your digital TV or converter box.

  1. Disconnect the antenna from the converter box or digital TV.
  2. Rescan without the antenna connected. As with any scan, follow the on-screen instructions or owner’s manual for your device.
  3. Unplug the converter box or digital TV from the electrical outlet for one minute.
  4. Reconnect the antenna to the converter box or digital TV and plug the unit into the electrical outlet.
  5. Rescan the converter box of digital TV one more time.
What kind of antenna should I use?

The location of an indoor antenna is key. Placing an antenna on top of the TV is common, but often not the best place for it. Medium Directional Antennas are needed for KGPT-26, and Large Directional Antennas are required for KSMI-30 (Click here to learn more). If you’re having trouble with digital TV reception, try one of the following:


  • Place your antenna near a window.
  • Place your antenna as high as possible.
  • Keep your antenna away from other electronic equipment, including computers,VCRs, DVD players, converter boxes, and the television itself.
  • Change the direction the antenna is facing.

Viewers may need to run the “scan” function again on their converter boxes after moving the antenna. Rooftop antennas produce the best results, and may be necessary to get reception. Want more help in choosing the right antenna? Click here.

Where is your tower located?

Our transmitter is located northeast of Colwich, KS. Click here to view photos of our combined antenna at ATC 35239 Wichita, KS.

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