We have been hard at work the last few weeks getting our new transmitter installed and ready to go at our tower location just outside the Wichita Metropolitan area. So what does this mean? It means that you get a better signal strength overall with added range that will be able to expand outside our old coverage area and the signal itself is much more stronger too so even if you reside in the same area where you could pick up KGPT and KSMI; your signal will be better at no added cost or value. All you need is an antenna and a TV!

The transmitter box itself was pretty heavy and took a few of us to load it into the room where we kept all the equipment set up but luckily it was no match for the three of us who pushed, tugged and shuffled it into place. Opening the creates was just like opening the Ark of the Covenant but instead of our faces melting off, our faces overcame with excitement and joy!

After carefully lifting the transmitter, we set it into the cabinet and hooked it up and it took several days for it to power on correctly due to storms and bad weather, but we finally have it running! The transmitter itself sends the signal up to the tower which broadcasts to your TV, the smaller towers we have back at our own studio sends the data for the channels to the transmitter itself. The transmitter was operating at about 400v during the last week but ever since yesterday the signal is up to 700v. If that isn’t power than I don’t know what is.